Speech & Language Services

Speech/Language Therapy is a service provided for children and adults with communication needs.

Speech Therapy:
Things that we work on in class include receptive and expressive language disorders
1) Syntax: word order, appropriate use of pronouns, articles, verbs
2) Semantics: understanding of language, expressive language, basic concepts, following directions.
3) Morphology: appropriate prefixes and suffixes
4) Pragmatics: social skills, turn taking, topic maintenance
5) Word Finding: know words, but is unable to retrieve for expression (tip of the tongue)
6)Auditory Processing: difficulty decoding/interpreting messages in order to retrieve answer.

Voice and Fluency

Voice Disorder: Any deviation in voice quality, frequency, intensity, or resonance (nasality). Watch for hoarse, raspy, breathy voice.

Fluency Disorder: Deviation in the flow of speech which is distracting to the listener.

Articulation Disorders

1) Kindergartners: should be able to produce p, b, m, d, t, k, g, f, v, w, y, h
2) First Graders: should be able to produce all of the above and the, sh, ch, j, l
3)Second Graders and Older Children: should be able to produce all of the above sounds and s, z, and r correctly